Entering into the Life of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit

In all things, at all times, it is God with whom you deal.

What does God actually desire for human life? For us to be a little nicer? More “moral”? More religious? Could it be that there’s something else he’s after? All Flame is a mystical and theological journey through those questions and more.

“With All Flame, Andrew has written my very favorite sort of book: telling stories to explore ideas we often consider too complex and inaccessible. Andrew explores Bible stories, Kingdom stories, and real-life stories, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit seem close enough to touch.”

Catherine McNielAuthor

“Andrew Arndt’s pastoral heart burns through these pages, bringing to light the goodness of resting in the presence of Father, Son, and Spirit. At a time when Christians are often exhorted to find their identity ‘in Christ alone,’ Andrew reminds us to appreciate the vital ministry of each person of the Triune God.”

Tina BoeschAuthor

“Andrew Arndt’s work unites the heart of a pastor, the mind of a devoted theologian, the spirit of an ancient and modern mystic, and great storytelling. We may have discovered a worthy successor to the late Eugene Peterson. Join Andrew on a journey into the love, holiness, and unity of the Trinity.”

Dr. Charlie SelfAuthor, pastor

About the author

Andrew Arndt is the Lead Pastor of New Life East (one of seven congregations of New Life Church in Colorado Springs), where he also hosts the Essential Church podcast, a weekly conversation designed to strengthen the thinking of church and ministry leaders.

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