So one of my favorite things about ministry over the years has been (and is) “talking shop.”

I LOVE talking shop. Church, to me, is downright fun. The ongoing effort see the local church rise up in all that God desire it to be… the constant interplay, the back and forth, between what we’re learning in the text of Scripture and our theological reading and our practical work among God’s people…

TO ME… that’s where so much of the joy of this lies. The intersection between the great realities of kingdom and gospel and our daily, weekly, monthly lived existence as a community. It’s just so inspiring. And then when you get a chance to talk about it with others who are similarly passionate in their stewardship of local church work…

Well, you get the picture. Ministry “shop-talk.” One of my favorite things.

Which is why I’m so excited about something we’ve been working on here at New Life – the Essential Church Podcast.

Each week Pastor Brady Boyd and I will be sitting down with church and ministry leaders both inside and outside of our community to talk about some of the most important issues we all wrestle with on a daily basis – things like worship and preaching and discipleship and ministry to the poor and all the good stuff.

The goal is to provoke all of our thinking so that the kingdom shines through our ministries just a bit more clearly.

If you want to stay up to speed on what we’re doing, you can:

The first episodes drop next Wednesday on iTunes. You’ll be able (in the next few days) to find us by searching for Essential Church Podcast.

This should be fun. Hope you’ll join us in the conversation.



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