I first encountered Walter Brueggemann sometime during my last year of seminary.  He quickly became a favorite of mine…in particular, I had never – before or since – read anyone who took the particularities, subtleties, oddities, and nuances of each individual text of Scripture so seriously as the living Word of God to us NOW as professor Brueggemann.  To that extent, I found him to be a kindred spirit.  The Bible is just SO freaking much more interesting than all of our lame attempts to “say” God.

So when Walter writes prayers about reading the Bible, I listen up…and then pray them too…I hope that your encounters with the text of Scripture rise to the level of the courageous “encountering” that he speaks of:

For the mystery of the text

and for the history of eyes to see

and ears to hear the text

we give you thanks.

Our eyes are scaled

and our ears are uncircumcised

and we are children of another world.

We pray for the gift of perception

We pray for energy and courage

that we may not leave the text

until we wrench your blessing from it.


(From “Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth: Prayers of Walter Brueggemann“)

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