Well hey, friends! Tomorrow (Sunday, November 15th), will be two months since All Flame released. It’s been so fun watching y’all read and respond to the content – and review it on Amazon! A few of my favorite reviews:

“…the chapter on the Holy Spirit blew me away and awakened in me a desire to see with new eyes where the Spirit of God is at work in my own life…agitating and bringing life in every context…” – Briana J


“This book meets you in the depths of real living. It shows you the kindness of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, but then takes you to a scratchy place where you have to decide if God is present in the midst of your mess. Is He there, where you aren’t feeling His presence? Should following Jesus hurt sometimes? What does that mean for your future?” – Katey P


“Ever since I first picked up the book, the words “in all things and at all times, it is God with whom we deal,” have been ringing through my ears. To delve into the pages of this book is like a tall drink of cool water in a hot Summer day. This is a devotional classic (though it’s brand new) that I am sure to return to many times over.” – Brandon P

Anyway, it means a ton to me that y’all would read it, and that many of you have recommended it to others. It came from an incredibly personal place and my hope was (is) that All Flame’s lessons would resonate with folks – especially those who are walking through times of desolation. And truly – as this year has been one MASSIVE desolation for so many people, All Flame may be just the thing that someone you know needs to help find home in a trying time. Send a few copies to folks for Christmas!

A couple quick updates:

  • As promised, I’m gonna start a little newsletter. Sign up here.
  • Say a prayer or two for me over the next project I’m working on. I’ve got a proposal together for a book that I think will make the PERFECT follow up to this one. Pray for favor on that process!

That’s all for now. The peace of the Lord,


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