Hi everyone–

Not being on social media this year, I have no idea who (if anyone) will read this. I think I have subscribers, however… so maybe it’ll be you guys.

ANYWAY. If you’re reading this, here’s a little update from me.

My year long break from social media has been really joyful. I didn’t realize how much my mind and heart were dissipated by the perpetual noise of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all the rest. I did think when I first ventured out into these unknown waters that I would miss the interaction with people and perhaps start to feel lonely. That has decidedly not been the case. I’ve found that I have more time for really genuine, face to face relationships, and that those people on social media who really want to keep up with me are more than capable of doing so. It’s been a year of settled, genuine connection. I’ve been grateful for that.

In addition, I’ve found myself praying for the world better, “cleaner” even. What I mean is this. Instead of hearing about what is going on in the world through the filter of social media and all of the attendant noise (and antagonism), and then having to pray through that noise, my new habit is to head to the BBC every couple days, get a sense of the flow of global events, tracking with the big stories as much as I can, and pray. It’s making prayer for the world fun again. I’ve loved that.

I’ve also, as you know, been trying to do some writing this year. There are folks out there who are eager to work with me, and I’m really grateful for that. I’ve found favor on that front.

All the same, the writing itself has been a bit of a struggle–finding my voice more than anything. I’ve cooking on and playing around with a few ideas–all of which I think are good and worthy–but more and more I find myself thinking that perhaps the topic is not so important as the process of achieving a sense of who I am as a writer through the writing itself (whatever the topic), and how that flows out of who God has made me to be to this point.

In any event–if you’re reading this, say a prayer for me over that. I think writing is something that God has called me to. I’m patiently trying to find my groove in it.

That’s all for now. The family is doing well. Bloom is thriving. Life is good. Thanks as always for your prayers… and lemme know if you’re in Denver and wanna hang.




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