Finding Spiritual Renewal with the Desert Fathers and Mothers

What does it take to live humanly in an inhuman time?

We are living in an age of unprecedented busyness, burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue. Our personal lives and the life of our society are fraying at the edges as fear and outrage churn through a 24/7 news cycle that leaves us breathless and groping in the dark for answers. Is there any hope for us?

“I’m always on the lookout for ancient wisdom made accessible to our contemporary world. Andrew has given us a great gift in re-presenting “desert spirituality” for this generation. In these pages you’ll find nourishment your soul longs for.”

Rich VillodasAuthor, pastor

“In a clear and personal way, Arndt welcomes us to listen to the perspectives of these wise, ancient teachers as they still teach us about God, others, and our world. The book includes helpful reflections from the author’s own life, inviting us all to experience the love and inner freedom described by Andrew’s ancient friends.”

Alice FrylingAuthor

“In Scripture, wilderness is where you find trouble, where demons prowl. But it’s also where we encounter the burning bush; it’s the rugged country where God finds us and rescues us. In these pages, we hear—through a fresh and artful pen—these ancient voices who knew the wild places and the wild God. We’re desperate for this wisdom.”

Winn CollierAuthor

About the author

Andrew Arndt is the Lead Pastor of New Life East (one of seven congregations of New Life Church in Colorado Springs), where he also hosts the Essential Church podcast, a weekly conversation designed to strengthen the thinking of church and ministry leaders.

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